Hill Country

The central highlands South central parts of Sri Lanka which known as central highlands consist of high rocky mountains, the land over 300m (1000 ft.) above Mean Sea Level (MSL)The tourists come from the hot and dry countries loves this region, especially middle easterners. Because always subtropical climate with the high altitude, more rain falls, misty conditions and strong breeze make atmosphere is a lot cooler. Also, places in the hill country are the most popular holiday destinations among local travelers. The land descends from the Central Highlands to a series of escarpments and ledges at 400 to 500 meters above sea level before sloping down toward the coastal plains. SriLanka is one of the gorges countries. Because anyone can switch to the different climate conditions, just within a few hours’ drives, or they can choose which topographical condition liked to stay.

The highest peaks are situated in the Central Mountain Range.

Pidurutalagala 2524 m
Kirigalpotta 2396 m
Totapola 2357 m
Samanala(Sripada) 2344 m
Kikilimana 2240 m

Hill Country Destinations

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