Heritage Sites

Sri Lanka is a country having a 2600 documented glorious history. Most of this documented heritage developed by Buddhism highly influenced by royalists. Sri Lanka is a country which is still having pure Theravada Buddhism and unbroken political system. Especially highlights of heritage sites, kingdoms, and its ruins are proved that ancient heritage highly influenced by Buddhism based civilization. Genuine Sri Lankans are experts in exploring the world heritage sites in Sri Lanka.

There are thousands of heritage sites or ancient ruins throughout Sri Lanka. The remaining archaeological artifacts and monuments go back to Pre Christian era (BC). In the historical period the earliest artifacts found in the inner city excavations in Anuradhapura Ancient city. Twenty to thirty feet below the present surface level belong to the Eight to Ninth Century BC. Since then, the monuments and ancient sites have been identified with different period or era named by historians according to the shifting royal capitals. Those are Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Yapahuwa, Kurunegala, Gampola, Kotte and the last kingdom was Kandy as the end of royal heritage. Get more details via genuine Sri lankans

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Sri lanka

World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka UNESCO has declared eight- sites in Sri Lanka as World Heritage Sites.

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